God Blocked It! The Day My Life Change Forever

The voice of the Lord prepared me for the day that my faith would be tested.  It was the day that changed my life forever.  Sitting in the car with my then boyfriend, a man whom my family despised, a man whom my children were skeptical of, a man whom my friends were uncomfortable with, a man that I thought I loved, a man that I was infatuated with, a man who cooked and cleaned for me, a man whom I had so many reservations about, but willing to dismissed caught up in the sensation of good loving and amazing sex.

It all came to a halt that day God whispered in my spirit that there would be an accident, that I shall live and not die.  I trembled and brushed it off as me being paranoid.  Two days later I received a phone call that my mother was ill, so I ask my boyfriend to help me drive down to Florida to visit my mother.  My youngest son was happy when I told him he could travel with us to see his grandmother.  Then there was that whisper again in my spirit, you shall live and not die.

When I saw my son was coming down the stairs with his little suitcase, it broke my heart to tell him that he could not travel with us, we both cried.  How could I tell him that God is telling me that I was to experience a near death situation.

Then it happened seven days later, the devil tried to take my life, but God blocked it!