Michelle’s Congenital Heart Condition

Michelle never thought she’d be affected by heart disease – until she was diagnosed with a faulty mitral valve at the age of 26. Now she feels limited by her condition and has missed crucial time with her children. Find out how she’s joined the fight for every heartbeat.

Mum of three, Michelle, 36, from Manchester has been described by doctors as a walking time bomb after numerous heart problems. At 26 she collapsed at work, and was diagnosed with a faulty mitral valve. She’s since developed a range of complications.

“I hate heart disease because it limited my freedom as a young woman and made me miss crucial events in my children’s lives”

“They told me I needed open heart surgery. I just felt like my whole world was crushed. My daughter was a baby. I couldn’t comprehend it. I was in denial, I just thought this was the sort of thing that happened to older, unfit men, and not to people like me, ” she says.

“My heart condition has robbed me of my freedom as a young woman and it has made me miss so many crucial events in my children’s lives.

”I missed my daughter’s first birthday because of the surgery. I try not to think about whether I’ll be here to see her have children of her own.”

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SOURCE: British Heart Foundation