Women Lack of Sleep Heart Disease

photo credit: The Daily Beast

If you needed an excuse to crawl back into bed, a study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research has one for you: researchers found poor sleep habits can cause inflammation in the bodies of older women – a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. The findings come from a UC San Francisco study of nearly 700 people with coronary heart disease that shows women who got less than six hours per night and particularly those who woke too early, had 2.5 times more of an increase in inflammation than men who also slept poorly. The discrepancy might come from the lower levels of estrogen in the post-menopausal women, researchers said. Heart disease aside, the study revealed what our bodies are probably already telling us, that we’re not getting enough sleep. Among the self reported sleep habits: 81 percent reported frequently waking up, half said they woke too early, and a third said they had trouble falling asleep.